The Band

The Heartbeats...

David Guitar/Vocals



Kevin Lead Vocals


Lead Vocals

Jeff on the Bass



David is a veteran of the early/mid 1960’s Liverpool scene. He then spent part of the ‘70s playing the North East’s club circuit before moving to Kent and joining a blues band. In The Heartbeats he is attempting to prolong adolescence beyond all previously known limits.

Nick on Drums



Experienced drummer Jon is the latest recruit to the Heartbeats, joining us in November 2017.

An experienced frontman, Kevin has been singing in various duos and bands since the mid-seventies and has sung most of the popular musical genres including musical theatre and light operetta! However, his favourite band to date (and probably his last) is The Heartbeats, where he can be singing a ballad one minute, followed by Latin American and then going straight into a full blown rock'n'roll number!

Tony Lead Guitar/Vocals


Guitar, Vocals

Ron, a long-time member of Kent function band Lynx4, joined The Heartbeats in February 2016. (Photo: Gino Cinganelli)

Jeff is the most inexperienced member of the string section as he has only been playing in bands for just over 40 years. In this time he has played all styles of music but always returns to the Fifties, Sixties and swing music that he really loves. (Photo: Gino Cinganelli)